Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFL wk#3 . . . goin' strong . . . best way, only way to go

Dear Prognosticators ~

My father, my hero, the founding coach o'my heart, Paul Pilarcik fought valiantly and then, peacefully, on the very last day of summer, left this world as we know it. His spirit didn't, couldn't and will never. It's alive on any given Sunday and where footballs fly and good guts and gumption know to always exceed mere just getting by.

This Steeler fan is headed to Ohio now to be with family and love our Paul all the more. I turn this stadium over into the classy capable hands of Hustling Harry and sweet savvy successful Sugar Sack to tell you in the Comments section how to place your picks. Mine will be known to Hustling Harry, that Bronco fan of no disdain when he checks what ESPN's Pigskins Pickems have to indi'kate about my standings and that of History's Heroes and the Boardwalk Surf Warrior . . .

Will someone finally "try" to give Sugar Sack, that Monday morn QuarterBack a run for her yardage? Natch, she snatched the grand prizarino of peanut M&M's once again.

Thanks for understanding
and for a stadium of concern you've rifle armed to me and my inner strengths to be more like Paul with the ability to care, comfort and inspire my family along the way ... 

Dad/Paul would really wish you to pick the Steelers this week. Don't let him down. I never did.

That's why they call me "Absolutely".

~ Steeler*Kate


  1. Tennessee at NY Giants

    Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay

    Cincinnati at Carolina

    Cleveland at Baltimore

    Dallas at Houston

    San Francisco at Kansas City

    Detroit at Minnesota

    Buffalo at New England

    Atlanta at New Orleans

    Washington at St. Louis

    Philadelphia at Jacksonville

    Oakland at Arizona

    San Diego at Seattle

    Indianapolis at Denver

    NY Jets at Miami

    MON, SEP 27

    Green Bay at Chicago

    Copy the Matchups above, put an X by the team you’re picking and then paste your picks along with your comments (called shots, guarantees, smack talk, etc. ;) here in the comments section.

    Each week we’ll tally the picks and the best picker out there will win the coveted prize of one bag of peanut M&Ms along with bragging rights for the next week. So, who ya like?


    Kate is away for her father's funeral this week. He and she are great Pittsburgh fans and she asks that we all pick the Steelers in his honor this week. Thanks, Harry

  2. Harry's Hunnerd Percent Pigskin Picks Week #3:

    Tennessee at NY Giants X
    Both of these teams have been disappointing. I always pick the wrong Manning. Still, taking the home team. Giants!

    Pittsburgh X at Tampa Bay
    Steelers romp for Paul

    Cincinnati X at Carolina
    Wonder what Bengal/Panther kittens look like? Who’s your daddy Carolina? Cincy that’s who!

    Cleveland X at Baltimore
    Baltimore spent all their currency trying to shut Rex Ryan up. Ravens fell to Cincy, Jets rebounded over New England. Ravens R DUN done. Browns!

    Dallas at Houston X
    Dallas? I think we have a problem. Texans X

    San Francisco X at Kansas City
    Last Monday night I left my heart in San Francisco. Speaking of the niners, hope you Chiefs enjoyed your longest undefeated start since Joe Montana hucked ‘em for you.

    Detroit X at Minnesota
    HUGE upset! Lions maul Horn Hats!

    Buffalo at New England
    Nuther HUGE…wait, came to my senses… Patriots!

    Atlanta at New Orleans X
    I am already tired of the Saints.

    Washington X at St. Louis
    How great was Kubiak freezing Shanahan’s kicker last week? Where you think he learned that? Redskins!

    Philadelphia X at Jacksonville
    Look for a string of blackouts in J’ville. Eagles!

    Oakland X at Arizona
    Somebody check Al Davis’ heart medication. Raiders streak two in a row!

    San Diego X at Seattle
    Chargers are back on track. See ya Seattle.

    Indianapolis X at Denver
    Unfortunately Indy is back on track too. See ya Donkeys!

    NY Jets at Miami X
    I love this game. Goin’ with the fish but this could go either way. Should be a good one!

    MON, SEP 27

    Green Bay at Chicago X
    Cutler finally getting things his way in the windy city. Da Bears!

  3. I'm gonna "tell-it-like-it-is" in Sugar's Football Land where guessing is a talent made of eenie meenie, one potato, two potato, and more...

    Tennessee at NY Giants XX
    I'm pickin' one of the Manning brothers.

    Pittsburgh XX at Tampa Bay
    For Katie's dad.

    Cincinnati XX at Carolina
    For...who knows.

    Cleveland at Baltimore XX
    My Maryland, My Maryland...

    Dallas at Houston XX
    Coin Toss

    San Francisco XX at Kansas City
    49ers reminds me of Farmville

    Detroit at Minnesota XX
    For the commercials with Vikings.

    Buffalo at New England XX
    Eenie Meenie

    Atlanta at New Orleans XX
    Oh when the Saints...for Cindy S

    Washington XX at St. Louis
    Hail to the Redskins!

    Philadelphia XX at Jacksonville
    For the Boss

    Oakland at Arizona XX
    I lived in AZ.

    San Diego XX at Seattle
    Just because.

    Indianapolis at Denver XX
    I saw their stadium!

    NY Jets XX at Miami
    For JoeWillie!

    MON, SEP 27

    Green Bay XX at Chicago
    For my dad.

  4. Tennessee at NY Giants XX

    Pittsburgh XX at Tampa Bay
    (For Kate's Dad - as it should be)

    Cincinnati at Carolina XX

    Cleveland XX at Baltimore

    Dallas at Houston XX

    San Francisco at Kansas City XX

    Detroit at Minnesota XX

    Buffalo at New England XX

    Atlanta at New Orleans XX

    Washington XX at St. Louis

    Philadelphia XX at Jacksonville

    Oakland XX at Arizona

    San Diego XX at Seattle

    Indianapolis XX at Denver
    (Sorry, Harry...)

    NY Jets XX at Miami

    MON, SEP 27

    Green Bay at Chicago XX

  5. TennesseeX at NY Giants -tough call but i'm gonna give Fischer one more shot and what about Chris?

    Pittsburgh X at Tampa Bay - the steelers for paul!

    Cincinnati X at Carolina - hoping cinci puts their money where there big mouths are!

    Cleveland at BaltimoreX - still wish flacco and harbough would find a different home, but they're cute so i'm betting on them this week.

    Dallas at HoustonX - sorry, tony, the battle of texas goes to my underdog boys

    San Francisco at Kansas City X - i know i'm crazy to be a chiefs fan but 2 and 0 baby!

    Detroit at Minnesota X - as much as i want the lions to win a game, i'm counting on brett and adrian to make their comebacks

    Buffalo at New England X - send the bills to belicheck. he doesn't write checks he can't cash.

    Atlanta at New OrleansX - i still love me some falcons but i think the saints go marching in on this one.

    Washington X at St. Louis - mcnabb ate his chunky soup this week i think.

    Philadelphia X at Jacksonville - poor jack - he's gonna have another bad post-game apology

    Oakland at Arizona X - not the same without UNI boy, Kurt, but oakland destroys themselves.

    San Diego X at Seattle - they're gonna charge in over the seahawks

    Indianapolis X at Denver - call me loyal. i like peyton.

    NY Jets at Miami X- what happens in miami stays in miami - dolphins take it.

    MON, SEP 27

    Green Bay X at Chicago - tough game i think, but aaron is on a roll.

  6. Sorry I am late to posting :) but in Dubai, so kinda time confused. lol. Here is my picks peeps

    Tennessee at NY Giants x

    Pittsburgh x at Tampa Bay

    Cincinnati at Carolina x

    Cleveland at Baltimore x

    Dallas x at Houston

    San Francisco x at Kansas City

    Detroit at Minnesota x

    Buffalo x at New England

    Atlanta at New Orleans x

    Washington x at St. Louis

    Philadelphia x at Jacksonville

    Oakland x at Arizona

    San Diego at Seattle x

    Indianapolis x at Denver

    NY Jets x at Miami

    MON, SEP 27

    Green Bay at Chicago x

  7. You got in with time to spare Brittany. Good luck everyone!

  8. What in the world has gotten into the Kansas City Chiefs?????

  9. EB & AK & Kevin had a three way tie with 10 wins each for first place bragging rites in week #3.

    Sugar, Britt, Paul & Matt held equal second with 8 wins each and I brought up the rear with a measley 6 correct picks!

    Congratulations EB & AK & Kevin! See ya next week!